So…You’re Going to Buy a $145 Pullover?

So…You’re Going to Buy a $145 Pullover?

$145 Pullover

True Grit. It hit hard. In fact, it hit so hard I would say it was the hottest commodity jacket of 2016. And guess what…? 2017… It’s going to be HUGE.


So, why? Why pay $145 for this pullover you are seeing all over the internet and in tons of stores?

Let me tell you.

Y’ALL- I LIVE for clothing items like this. I cannot tell you anything that makes me happier in the morning than being able to wake up, throw on the comfiest, cutest pullover, and roll out. Not only is this thing comfy, but I truly think it’s pretty cute. True Grit is a men’s line. It was designed for men, but ladies, WE CAN ROCK IT TOO.

I bought four pullovers last year. JUST last year. I was obsessed the minute I put that furry thing on.

You suddenly forget how much it costs when you realize how much you’re going to wear it. There are so many knock offs on the internet right now. And sure, I guess you could find it at a better price, but it won’t be a True Grit. And truthfully, there will be a difference. You may not be able to tell right away, but when you want a quality item, you’re just going to have to pay more.

On top of that, here’s another reason why I love True Grit. They do not put logos on their clothing. As much as the craze has been to publically advertise what you are wearing, I am kind of over it. And you know what? People are going CRAZY over True Grit. No logo. Nothing flashy. Just simplistic, and it’s pretty awesome. I happen to have a lot of respect for a brand that can truly make a name for themselves without having their name plastered everywhere on a piece of clothing.

Convinced yet?

If not, how about this- We offer it in about FIFTEEN different colors. That’s right. You heard me. FIFTEEN. There is a color for everyone. We have greens, blues, reds, browns, etc.

My personal favorites are Charcoal, Wine, and Putty, and Heather. I have attached pictures below for you to check them out.


Come see me! Let me help you find the PERFECT pullover!

Always remember- Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be!